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About Me

Hi, I’m Ziba – a peripatetic writer, researcher and photographer from London. I specialise in psychology, mental health, and culture.

Story Behind ANM

I quit my job as a psychological researcher in London two years ago. My dream was to spend several months in different corners of Asia, travelling by land, where possible. I taught in a university in Tokyo, and later volunteered for a women’s empowerment organisation on the border of Laos. I lived on the island of gods for several months editing a digital yoga magazine, and moved to Hoi An in Central Vietnam to write and sing my heart out (literally, I was a singer)… the list goes on.

Wherever I found myself, my fascination spun back to mental health and wellness practices around the world. So, I started A Nomadic Mind, where you can find an ever-growing collection of articles covering wellness and healing across different cultures.


I have an academic background in philosophy and psychology and worked in the mental health sector for several years. So, in addition to travel, I write a lot about mental health and wellness, specialising in eating disorders. My articles often centre on the role of spirituality in mental illness and recovery. 

I’m the co-author of the Surviving Eating Disorders blog for Healthy Place, a mental health website providing information on psychological disorders and treatments, and mental health support.


I create striking and beautifully-crafted copy for entrepreneurs within the wellness industry. Get in touch if you’d like to work with me to showcase your unique brand and stand out from the masses.

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I produce delicious copy to help brand’s express their unique voice and stand out from the masses. Click below to see my testimonials and get in touch.

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