Who I am

I’m Ziba, a peripatetic writer, researcher and photographer from London. This website is an ever-growing collation of articles and stories that center on slow, mostly land-based travel, going off-the-beaten-path, and local cultural experiences.


I document unusual, inspiring, and sometimes secret places. I share stories about people who see beyond the blindfolds created by society. My travel style is slow; I try to move about by land, avoiding airplane travel as much as I can.  I’ve been wandering and exploring since before the days of Instagram, when ‘travel blogging’ was an unoccupied territory and esoteric term.


Drawing upon my background in philosophy and psychology, my work largely centres on the human psyche, the notion of “self”, and the ways we find purpose and heal as human beings. You will often find me writing about personal experience of mental health and “alternative” interventions, such as meditation and shamanism, and the different healing modalities that exist around the world.


I produce beautifully-crafted copy to help companies and individuals showcase their brand in style. Please get in touch if you would like to work with me or find out more.

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I produce delicious copy to help brand’s express their unique voice and stand out from the masses. Click below to see my testimonials and get in touch.

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